What is a Mozartkugel?

A Mozartkugel is a sweet and round delicacy from Austria, which consists of nougat and marzipan inside, and a coating of dark chocolate outside.

The first Mozartkugel was manufactured in 1890 by the confectioner Paul F�rst in the city of Salzburg . Soon the new chocolate creation became the sweet sensation of the whole town. In 1905 Paul F�rst received the gold medal for his idea on the world exhibition in Paris.

Today there are many different Mozartkugel producers. Most of them are located in Austria. This website is dedicated to the Mozartkugel manufacturers of Austria.

The most important Mozartkugel is the one from Mirabell in Salzburg. They are also known as the "genuine ones". The original Mozartkugel is still made in the cofectionary F�rst. Also Austrias capital Vienna is the location of great Mozartkugel factories. There is the legendary Victor Schmidt company, which today belongs to Manner, the Viennese candy king. And also the producers from "Hofbauer Mozartkugeln" are true masters of their field.

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